Welcome to the Secret City of

Welcome to the Secret City of

Cape Town



Welcome to Secret Sunrise Cape Town, a silent guided dance movement aiming to increase mindfulness, wellness and share the joy. We hold sessions in and around Cape Town, on beaches, on rooftops of buildings, in parks… we’ve even held a dance on Table Mountain!

In the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, we often need a space to be free, unwind and have a little fun! Why not join us at a guided dance or outdoor yoga session and see what we’re about? We also offer private sessions for birthday parties, corporate companies, schools and more. We aim to be fully accessible and welcome everybody… Come and join the Secret Sunrise family and be a part of our global movement.

– Secret Sunrise Cape Town

secret sunrise cape town outdoor silent event

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Here are our rockstars, groovers, self-expressionists that spread love and joy around Cape Town.

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