Demi Ferreira Lopes

Secret Sunrise means a lot to me! It has helped me as an individual with self-expression and self-confidence which are vital skills for any human being. I love the movement and the sense of utter freedom you get once completed a dance or facilitation.i would describe Secret Sunrise as a dopamine overdose as it involves movement which allows brain-derived neurotransfactors to be released, it invites people to connect with one another as a collective-one, it encourages laughter, smiles and the connection of a hug and finally it gently allows for reflecting and breath work which activates the present moment.

Cheryl Hudson

Secret Sunrise allows us to let go completely and to reconnect with that wild child inside. From my first dance, I was addicted. Its contagious, a beautiful blossoming and something worth sharing with as many people as you can!

Lebo Mopeli

For me Secret Sunrise is the light that rises in us when we connect with nature, song, sun and each other. When I'm instructing a Secret Sunrise, all that exists is each moment of pure loving energy, the sun warming my soul and the smiles of those around me. Come dance with me, let's shift our energy and vibrations.

Carika Young

I joined the Secret Sunrise family in 2017.  It has been a wonderful journey sharing love, unity and craziness with all the PE peeps. My favourite thing about Secret Sunrise is to encourage people just to let everything go, break down the walls we like to build to protect ourselves and to completing feel free with no judgement.  Nobody cares whether you can dance or not (as I am definitely not a professional dancer ) – it is all about letting your inner child come out to play and express yourself.    

Jax Elliot

I love to dance! I did my first Secret Sunrise in Feb 2017. We were asked to close our eyes and feel without the sense of sight. He said, "There's no one else here, just you...." I had to open my eyes to check because I had genuinely felt everyone else had disappeared. This is the power of suggestion! The power to make yourself and others believe anything. I take on a positive outlook in most situations and choose to live like this......and also dance like this too! 

secret sunrise

Karla Bouwer

Secret Sunrise is the best hour of your day!! I absolutely love how the music and movement get people out of their rigid ways and get them to relax unwind and let lose.  Spreading Joy and movement, getting back in touch with oneself, each other and mother nature. The best part is making people smile, laugh and MOVE. I am truly passionate about this. Everything to help others live and feel healthy. Come get CRAZY with me in the Eastern Cape!

Laura Hoekzema

I joined the SS Amsterdam family in the summer of 2017. Since then I’ve instructed many many sessions. I’m addicted to the feeling it gives me and to feel other people's joy. My specialty is everything that involves african vibes and bums. I love to make those who never expected to move their behinds in public do so and to involve spectators. Like getting tourists involved on Dam square and make a bonfire of their suitcases where we danced around in a circle.

Eva Versteeg

Living in the beautiful city of Haarlem, close by nature and close by Amsterdam, where Secret Sunrise is one of most connecting event to join and facilitate. I love to create a moment with the team and  particpants that arrises goosebumb-feelings, a feeling of tingles in your stumic, a eyecontact which makes your heart glow. Something that feels alive.

Charlotte Bouwman

I joined the Secret Sunrise family in 2017. Instructing a Secret Sunrise is such a gift of joy! I love to take people on a musical and imaginary journey in which they can laugh, explore, connect with themselves and others. 

Isabel Rauch

After moving from South Africa, where Secret Sunrise originated from, to the Netherlands, where I first heard about it, really reminded me how connected we all are. Attending Secret Sunrise the first time reminded me that there are people we can connect with all around the globe and we are all looking for a safe place to let it all out. Taking care of your body, mind, heart and spirit is a way of life for me and Secret Sunrise brings it beautifully together through dance.