Tahlia Rubin

I am Tahlia Joy, a child of the cosmos and a resident of EveryWhere. I love JOY, PLAY, FUN and CONNECTION. Secret Sunrise is integral in my 2020 intentions: expansion of self-expression through lovingly, living my truth.

Cheye Breed

I mean really, who DOESN'T love to start their day getting down to a really exhilarating booty shaking dance sesh with some epic humans ?? Dancing is a way to release that inner child in a world that tells us to be so serious all the time! I love the cheekiness, playfulness and connection that always takes place at these dances! It was love at first booty shake! Come play and get cheeky!

Emma Bergh

I am an ALL TIME LOVER of MUSIC AND DANCE! For me, dancing, having fun and getting just a tad goofy is what is making our world go around! Secret Sunrise has allowed my bangs to bop, my body to hop and my booty to drop to a new extreme and I love it!

Siyasanga Nokama

Sassy, Mysterious - Siyasanga!

Based in the mother city - I call home, the beautiful Zonnebloem area resting at the bosom of the 7th world wonder we call Table Mountain. Blessed with a mystic voice that permeates the body and saturate souls.

Joshua Jay Duplessis

Joshua Jay du Plessis

Before joining the Secret Sunrise Family, Yoga, Surf and Music was my life mantra.

I live and breath creativity and i'm always finding ways to express it . After coming into contact with this movement i have adopted another facet to my life mantra, Dance. This has opened up another avenue for me to express and show the world my creative essence. After obtaining my Level 1 I learned that dance is a form of self expression and that to this day it allows me to loosen up and flow on a deeper level, spilling over onto my Surfing, Yoga practice and Musical productions.

Being fun, fit and friendly definitely helps when facilitating but my deep connection to spirit is what keeps my fire burning. With this my light can shine upon anyone who meets me, hope we get to meet soon to share our passion for dance! Lastly, I am grateful that Nikki hand picked me to join the team and i am excited to share my flow and creativity with you and the rest of the world.

Yoga, Surf, Music and Dance, that's me.