Laura Hoekzema

I joined the SS Amsterdam family in the summer of 2017. Since then I’ve instructed many many sessions. I’m addicted to the feeling it gives me and to feel other people's joy. My specialty is everything that involves african vibes and bums. I love to make those who never expected to move their behinds in public do so and to involve spectators. Like getting tourists involved on Dam square and make a bonfire of their suitcases where we danced around in a circle.

Eva Versteeg

Living in the beautiful city of Haarlem, close by nature and close by Amsterdam, where Secret Sunrise is one of most connecting event to join and facilitate. I love to create a moment with the team and  particpants that arrises goosebumb-feelings, a feeling of tingles in your stumic, a eyecontact which makes your heart glow. Something that feels alive.

Charlotte Bouwman

I joined the Secret Sunrise family in 2017. Instructing a Secret Sunrise is such a gift of joy! I love to take people on a musical and imaginary journey in which they can laugh, explore, connect with themselves and others. 

Isabel Rauch

After moving from South Africa, where Secret Sunrise originated from, to the Netherlands, where I first heard about it, really reminded me how connected we all are. Attending Secret Sunrise the first time reminded me that there are people we can connect with all around the globe and we are all looking for a safe place to let it all out. Taking care of your body, mind, heart and spirit is a way of life for me and Secret Sunrise brings it beautifully together through dance.

Ruben Hazelzet

Bringing joy and unexpected surprises to people is to me the most rewarding thing I can do in life . When I experienced Secret Sunrise for the first time I felt so grateful as this brought it all together. Now, seeing people transform into this world where anything is possible and where they can be their true self is each and every time a gift to experience. A reminder that humans are awesome as long as there's a connection with themselves, the people around them and the environment.

Jamill Dors

To me, being a Secret Sunrise instructor means allowing participants to experience true and unfiltered emotions. I still remember the first time I attended a session, feeling genuinely grateful and happy, opening up and radiating this positive energy with the woman I was holding hands with. I knew right there I’d love to be a part of this unique global community, sharing joy through connection, dance and music.

Justin van Loon

Life for me is about the things you create with others and the fun you have together. And that is Secret Sunrise for me. And in this I consider my role as a facilitator to be to facilitate, connect, enable, empower others and create meaningful change, supported by amazing music. And whether is dancing around in a superman onesie, pretending to be in a rowing boat or picking grapes together...

Lisanne Dekker

You can call it Mindfulness MC, you can call it Joy Facilitator, you can call it whatever you want, I just really enjoy bringing the joy, fun and connection to people. My name is Lisanne and I’m living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Big busy city, busy people and so a big task for us over here to keep bringing joy and mindfulness to people’s life. 

Hidde Schröder

Secret Sunrise represents the values that I hold high and live by; playfulness, connecting, sharing joy and dance! Have a passion for funk, soul and jazzy tunes, and love those funky James Brown moves. Love being surrounded by nature and uplifting music and -people. Happy to be part of this movement & tribe.

Annemiek Dekker

Annemiek better known as Annie. One of my best moments as an instructor was when a 70 year old woman came to me at the beginning and said a bit hesitant: ‘I am not sure if I can do this..’ and I assured here she could and afterwards she came to me again with a huge smile and said to me, ‘This was the best experience in my whole life! Can we do it again?’