I love the joy that we are able to create in just 1 hour of being a bit silly and having some fun. For me I would best describe Secret Sunrise Bali as a catch and release, you catch amazing connections and meet awesome people and at the same time you release everything that needs to go…

No matter how bad your morning was or how bad your day at work is, being able to dance and instruct for secret sunrise/sunset is like living in a world of joy and silliness where we can easily repel the negativity from this world. Guaranteed happiness and love!

Connecting with people has always been something I really enjoyed. Secret Sunrise allows me to share my knowledge and experience in music and mediation, to bring them here and now, away from daily life and into the happy wonderful world that is Secret Sunrise.

For me, the most important thing is to do things that you like, and love what you do. I'm happy to contribute some of my time to work and dance with the team that only focuses on the positive vibes. Secret Sunrise Bali is one of the amazing experience to do in Bali, and hopefully, in the future, we can have more and more dance to share the joy and happiness together in all around Indonesia!

In this ambitious world, people are busy trying to build the future and forget to enjoy the moment. I love the idea what Secret Sunrise carries, so I decided to be a part of them. As an instructor, nothing beats the feeling of seeing people dancing, smiling, laughing and for a complete hour allowing themselves to simply enjoy "the moment".

I could relive my spirit with Secret Sunrise, as an amateur dancer, they provide me with space to express through emotion by preparing numbers of songs, imagine the feelings of others, and how to boost them into bursting smiles and full of love, all through dance and the silly movements we do together through my voice of instructions. It is a bless!

Secret Sunrise Bali allows me to truly express myself and be who I really am. Being able to dance my heart out after a crazy week full of work is self rewarding to me.

Being part of Secret Sunrise family is a total life changing. Making and seeing people having fun together doing silly and fun things are the best feeling ever! Human tunnel and dancing on big group hugs are my favorites.