secret sunrise

Robyn Norris

Spreading the joy of dance one Secret Sunrise at a time. Secret Sunrise for me is everything all wrapped into one - love, joy, movement, expression and pure happiness! I am so excited to be a part of this incredible movement!

secret sunrise

Tara Wallace

Your self-expression is a service to the world, and Secret Sunrise provides you with a space where you can be your truest self. Where you can share your super powers and uniqueness with those around you, wholeheartedly and totally unapologetically. Getting out of your comfort zone and grooving with your community creates magic, the kind of magic that sparks joy and makes waves.

secret sunrise

Alex Fleming

Secret Sunrise creates a space to dance compassionately with our sadness, dance in awe of our joy and dance passionately with our rage. It is a gift that keeps on giving, as the feelings that are met in a dance event spread far beyond what we can imagine, empowering us to step into our most fearless, authentic truths. Through this, we can understand ourselves and our communities in a fresh light; as what is brought to us in the dance, we take out into the world with us.  Communal healing is innate to us as human beings, and the act of coming together to be wholly present with ourselves and one another restores our hearts and our faith.

secret sunrise

Peta Searle

I love to dance, love, love, love to listen to music and move. Secret Sunrise provides the perfect platform to interact and have some jolly good clean joyful fun. Harare has some magical green spaces and Secret Sunrise allows us to plug into these spots without disturbing the peace. Happy, conscious, playful, joyful, uplifting, light, and freedom are some of the words that spring to mind when I think about Secret Sunrise.  

Katherine Boaler

A Shakespeare-loving English and History teacher whose latest findings are:
1. Home is where the pants aren’t.
2. The reason I cry too often is because the world is beautiful and life is short.
3. My students respond well to elaborate displays like sprawling myself out on my desk dressed in rose-tinted glasses and a black cloak to recite the “if music be the food of love, play on” speech from “Twelfth Night.”
4. Zimbabweans need the freedom of expression that comes with Secret Sunrise.

secret sunrise

Jen Mason aka “Firecracker”

Dance has always been a passion of mine and joining the Secret Sunrise movement was the best thing ever I did. Spreading joy through dance sparks my soul and fills my entire being with happiness. 

“If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment” -Carlos Santana

secret sunrise

Tyler Kennaird

Secret Sunrise brings joy to your heart, movement to your body and stillness to your mind. With the mind body and soul in sync - healing happens, helping you to express your authentic self and let loose to some groovy tunes. “Take more chances, dance more dances”.

secret sunrise

Hayley Wallace

They saw us dancing and thought it strange, There was no music we must be deranged. The wonderful tune they could not hear, For it was playing straight into our ear. But out through hearts the music came, Lighting inside us a magical flame. As the sun came up we danced in delight, Letting go of our own dark night. Because that is the secret of dancing at sunrise, Let go of the dark and let your heart shine bright.