Jenny "Zen-Jen" Braun

I was reborn at the first retreat of 20PLENTY!! My passion to spread LoVe and Joy - and what better way is there to express it then thru the universal language of music and dance!! When I get out of my way (out of my head) and into my heart - I can be a vessel for LOVE!

Jennifer Gebhardt-Kann

Secret Sunrise is a life-changing experience that no one should ignore! I am feeling so open, honest & confident in this change!

Nathalie Leblond

I'm a Marketing Communications Manager in my day job, but my private life is shared between being a mum to my 11 year-old daughter, a wife, a volunteer birthing companion, a freelance copywriter and proofreader - most importantly - and a newly hatched Secret Sunrise Facilitator! If that sounds like a lot to have on the go - it IS - but that's EXACTLY why the music, movement and connection that Secret Sunrise offer is so important!

Morgan-Fey Darnbrough

I am Bravery! Wherever life takes me - dancing has always been my biggest form of self expression.
I believe through movement of the body, we can overcome anything we want to, blooming into our new selves with each step forward, backward, sideways.

“Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who couldn’t hear the music.” I choose to be part of the ones dancing and I am honored to be a part of a community that brings my vision to life.

Clair Williams

I qualified as a facilitator in February 2020 and am super excited to shine my light and brighten lives through Secret Sunrise. The magical healing powers of movement, music and connection is something I feel compelled to share with as many souls as I can!

Demi Ferreira Lopes

Secret Sunrise means a lot to me! It has helped me as an individual with self-expression and self-confidence which are vital skills for any human being. I love the movement and the sense of utter freedom you get once completed a dance or facilitation.i would describe Secret Sunrise as a dopamine overdose as it involves movement which allows brain-derived neurotransfactors to be released, it invites people to connect with one another as a collective-one, it encourages laughter, smiles and the connection of a hug and finally it gently allows for reflecting and breath work which activates the present moment.

Cheryl Hudson

Secret Sunrise allows us to let go completely and to reconnect with that wild child inside. From my first dance, I was addicted. Its contagious, a beautiful blossoming and something worth sharing with as many people as you can!

Zoë Jewell

I first did Secret Sunrise in 2016 at 1 Fox Street, in the shadow of the old John Vorster Square prison in JHB CBD, dressed in PJ’s and onesies.  I was struck by the contrast of the playfulness of the PJ’s and “wake up routine” inspired fun and the finale with all of us facing the old prison and sending our light, love and healing to the prison and the justice system in our land.

Yaela Orelowitz

I get to dance like a chicken before breakfast, growl at strangers without backlash, build vehicles out of sound effects and wild gestures and be able to truly believe I am Wonderwoman, without anyone questioning my sanity. Some call this madness, some call this magic, I call it Secret Sunrise: Because you can't chose your family, but you can chose your tribe.

secret sunrise

Margarita Ola

I am a dynamic figure, often seen scaling walls and crushing ice. I have been known for my Slavic accent so if you hear something unusual- yes that’s me. I have no idea how to dance that’s why I joined secret sunrise back in 2017 , and you know what ... I’m just as bad... but it doesn’t matter because I still have so much joy being part of this global community!