Charles Weyer

Charlie is a multidisciplinary human - an extreme athlete, mixed martial artist and personal development coach with a passion for movement; creativity and personal development;  Charlie has been instructing for Secret Sunrise since 2017 and has recently become involved in operations and is dedicated to assisting in the growth and expansion of the Secret Sunrise brand.

Beryl Porter

Secret Sunrise has given me incredible inspiration to freedom of being me!  Special dancing meditation, allowing my soul to restore and rejuvenate making my life sparkle with joyful abundance!

Wishing all an abundant day with gratitude and blessings.

Beryl Broekman

I am a young-at-heart, crazy person with a passion for connecting with people of all age groups. I find the Secret Sunrise movement a way to do just that while utilizing my magical energy healing skills to touch hearts through music, movement and meditation.

Sharoni Tsarafi

I have found that the Secret Sunrise movement provides a space for communities to be built and for people to connect. I was drawn to the movement’s fundamental free-spirit and have always found dance to be a clever medium of expression and a fine way to get us out of our shells. Secret Sunrise is an invitation for us to connect on a deeper level and to wake up to our innate freedom.

Mika Stefano

Let's get this clear from the start - Mika Stefano is not a morning person, but if there's an excuse to dress up and dance like an extra in a Britney Spears music video, then he will wake up at 4am to "Hit Me Baby One More Time." A qualified fitness trainer, host and teacher of various outdoor sessions together with Biogen, Planet Fitness, Fitness Magazine and FIBO, he makes for a perfect Secret Sunrise facilitator.