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Come and learn the tools to share joy & unite communities...

Secret Sunrise training exists for one purpose…. to help you discover your own inner sun and let that shine to the world.

This is a call for all of you who enjoy the dance, who want to share the dance and who’re wanting to make an inspiring impact on themselves, and their community. All backgrounds, all types of wonderful humans welcomed… Come and learn the tools to share joy, unite communities and express yourself through dance – to be part of the movement that is truly life changing for so many.

Whether you sign up online or come to our retreats, it is an experience in joy you will cherish forever. Our hope is that more and more people step into their light and shine brightly, so that the whole world will be dancing.

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The Secret Sunrise Journey To

Unleash Your Inner Sun

Unleash Yourself: Level 1 Certification*

Everyone starts here – This makes you an official certified facilitator and a core part of our growing global dance family. You will learn the tools and practices that allow you to embody your authentic voice and to share your essence confidently with our world. Become a beacon of joy for yourself and your community.

With this certification, you will be able to co-facilitate sessions at Secret Sunrises anywhere globally. Plus Life-Time access to our global JOY TRIBE – a super rad community of fun-loving, joy sharing, dancing humans!

Unleash Others: Level 2 Certification*

For Level 1’s only – Move yourself into the next level of Dance. Instructing Vs facilitating. Energy body vs physical body. Inner Vs Outer Vs group dynamics in dance. Understand and learn to surrender to the dance field.

Take people onto a journey into your world. Hold space for your team and lead Secret Sunrise dances. This certification also increases your earning potential.

Fully Unleashed: Level 3 Certification*

For Level 2’s only – You are ready to unleash your full potential. Learn how to hold dance healing space completely on your own. Become a master facilitator who can hold space for any group size, in any setting, including 1on1.

Holding space alone demands self-confidence, inner calm and a sensitivity to read group energies. Highly recommended for the Level 2 facilitators ready to pioneer new ways to bring Secret Sunrise to the world.

200 Hour Teacher Training Course (SSTTC) Certification

For Level 3’s only – You have become a remarkable facilitator with 50+ dances under your belt and you are now ready to share your wisdom further into the world.

The SSTTC makes you a globally recognised Secret Sunrise Level 1 Teacher, who is able to facilitate at Secret Sunrise training retreats worldwide.

*All accreditations allow you to work as a facilitator for public, private and corporate Secret Sunrise sessions in your area and anywhere around the world, where you are legally allowed to work.

What You'll Receive



Gain tools to lead your life and your community. With this certification, you will be able to lead sessions at Secret Sunrises anywhere globally, and be paid to do so.



This can be a chance to be part of amazing opportunities such as festivals, TED talks, potential trips abroad. It can also help you to create a network for yourself, by getting to know corporate clients who might be interested in future offerings from you (yoga, coaching etc).



Get the chance to become a part of this global movement as it is still young and play a key role in its creation. This is your opportunity to become a first generation instructor in your city.

Our Upcoming Facilitator's Training Retreat

What You'll Receive

For 3 years, the Secret Sunrise movement has been sharing joy, healing, providing a platform for self expression, connection and bringing out the best in communities – In this retreat, we aim to empower individuals to facilitate these processes, and welcome you to a growing community of change makers and shakers.

Along the way you will learn:
– Leadership skills
– How to express yourself
– How to live with heart
– How to conquer your fears
– How to thrive in community
– How freedom of expression & movement can change the world
– How to bust mental blocks and limiting beliefs
– How to choose love

Which will empower you to:
– To shine brighter
– To be fully self expressed
– To host dances anywhere in the world
– To facilitate public dances in Sunrise Ambassador cities around the world
– To earn $$$ whilst dancing, whether you are travelling or based in your city
– To connect and dance with like minded people around the globe
– To host dances for those in need (such as old age homes and care givers)
– To start the journey towards becoming a master sunrise facilitator

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