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Welcome to Secret Sunrise London!
We aim to create an energised community feeling pumped to start their day and empowered to share their passions with the world!

Our guided dance sessions celebrate the start of the day in a different way: grooving, connecting and letting go to your favourite songs before most people’s day has even begun. Through headphones you will hear our epic playlist and fun instructions to ease you into movement, help you put your judgment aside and unleash the happiest version of yourself!

You will leave the sessions feeling incredibly alive and pumped to take on your day, connected to a wonderful community and inspired to share the positive energy with the world! So, do you have the courage to say yes to join our movement and start spreading joy? Let’s dance into a better future, one sunrise at a time!

– Secret Sunrise London

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Secret Sunrise London has teamed up with some of the world’s leading organisations to offer their teams these innovative experiences, from TED to the London Business School, WeWork, NBC Universal or Deloitte.

Our high-impact session will unlock the human potential within your team and ignite what truly matters: passion, innovation and collaboration. In an age of rapid change and increasing complexity, we want to help you create the mental energy within your team to achieve your goals.

If you are curious about bringing the Secret Sunrise experience to your team, please get in touch at [email protected].

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