We have an important announcement for the whole community.

We have decided to offer you more freedom in Joy!


Specifically, we are talking about more freedom to start Secret Sunrises in the world, anytime, anywhere, any how.

From 2015 until 2023 Secret Sunrise operated with a Franchise model. This meant – buying a franchise, getting training, hosting dances and paying royalties. This dedicated and committed family really formed the early backbone of the Secret Sunrise movement today. Some are still sharing joy, some sold their franchise and moved on, and some are laying low as they focus on other areas in their lives.
The bottom line is, after trialing this model for +-7years, we have decided to evolve.

We have decided to give each and every Facilitator who does Level1: Joy Facilitator UNLEASH YOURSELF ™ , the ability to start a Secret Sunrise (as long as they are not in the area of an existing Franchise). You can check the list here: https://www.secretsunrise.com/our-cities/?swcfpc=1

This means there are less steps and less fees to getting joy flowing in your community.

The steps are:

Complete: Joy Facilitator UNLEASH YOURSELF ™ Training

Buy headsets

Go for it!

No frills. No fuss.

Just joy.

Please reach out to [email protected]

or book a session with Emily or Dan here for more information:



Let’s get 1 million people experiencing joy every single month!


Big love,