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Welcome to Secret Sunrise Nomadic Americas, a movement of play, connection, and joy. This one hour, facilitated experience takes place in diverse spaces from beaches, parks, and rooftops to studios, parking lots, and backyards. Supplied blue-tooth headphones linked to music and the facilitator’s mic, immerse you in a unique landscape of imagination, collaboration, and play with other “Sunrisers” to move your body and spirit in joy.

Experience the power of Secret Sunrise to unleash and inspire you. Secret Sunrise is not a dance, no dancing skills are recommended nor required, it is an experience that connects and heals. Your body is the vehicle. Music is the engine. Community is the fuel. Joy is the destination.

– Tahlia Joy

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Meet Your Facilitator

Here is your rockstar, groover, self-expressionist that spreads love and joy around North America.

Tahlia Joy Rubin is an explorer of the world, currently calling both the United States and Mexico “Home”. Enjoying a life of fun and flow, Tahlia’s spirit is guided to facilitate others in LIVING JOY through introspection, connection, and movement. Incorporating yoga, reiki, card readings, coaching and Secret Sunrise, she facilitates a unique blend of joy offerings around the world.

Introduced to Secret Sunrise five years ago in South Africa, Tahlia was instantly hooked. She has attended, supported and received accreditation at three Secret Sunrise retreats as well as facilitated Secret Sunrise dances in South Africa, England, Mexico and the United States. Living in Troncones, Guerrero, Mexico from October-April and The United States from May-September, she is passionate about travel and eager to host Secret Sunrise events in any location in the Americas (please contact her with inquires).

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