Meet Our Facilitators in the Secret City of

Meet Our Facilitators in the Secret City of

Cape Town



Meet Our Facilitators

Here are our rockstars, groovers, self-expressionists that spread love and joy around Cape Town.

Abi Samuelson

Secret Sunrise is all about moments of celebration, connection and self-expression. For me, it’s a refuge in which I have met beautiful, authentic people, connected with nature, celebrated my body and had an excuse to get a little groovy! As I coach, my facilitation encourages you into spaces of calm and groundedness, before we unleash what may just be a cha-cha slide or our tequila-loving funky chicken.

Amy Shackelford

I joined the Cape Town team in 2016 and it was one of the most transformative experiences of my life! For me, Secret Sunrise is about steeping ourself in community, and through joy and dance harnessing the power of people to create something that leaves people feeling inspired, empowered, and a part of something greater than themselves. I believe tools like this are essential for large scale societal change. 

André-Louis de Villiers

Movement is life, so DANCE…. 

“When you walk to the edge of all the light you have and take that first step into the darkness of the unknown, you must believe that one of two things will happen. There will be something solid for you to stand upon or you will be taught to fly.” 


Wooooooo hooooooo!!! Nothing beats a JOY-us, openhearted, bust-out boogie, being silly, having fun, substance-free, high on life, appreciating nature, the magic of creation, LOVE, and connecting with each other. I love the music, I love the dance, I love the people, I love spreading joy, and I LOVE this family.

Anushka Kempken

Secret Sunrise is a powerful and incredibly spiritual journey that comes across in an accessible and extremely fun way. Being a facilitator is such an honour as strangers trust us facilitators to guide them though something which can not be explained. Excuse the very spiritual message here, but it’s too powerful not to share this way!

Brett Simpson

Sharing joy for me is aligning my energy with my heart (LOVE) and not my head (FEAR) and living from there for as long as am able to! I find dancing takes me there more easily and quickly that anything else I have experienced and the benefits of Secret Sunrise'sintentional playfulness with this opening is some of the most powerful joy work I have experienced.

Cheye Breed

I mean really, who DOESN'T love to start their day getting down to a really exhilarating booty shaking dance sesh with some epic humans ?? Dancing is a way to release that inner child in a world that tells us to be so serious all the time! I love the cheekiness, playfulness and connection that always takes place at these dances! It was love at first booty shake! Come play and get cheeky!

Devon “Horsepower” Reynolds

Since joining in 2017, Devon has been bringing the energy AND style to the SS Family. With his fist punches, squat pulses and knee-highs, Devon isn’t afraid of turning the energy dial all the way up and unleashing his wild side on the dance floor. Turning the world into a playground is exactly how he loves to share joy!

Diajal Solanki

Connection, Movement & Music! Secret Sunrise stole my heart the very first time I rsvp’d for an event. And then there it was - I remember stopping mid dance, teary-eyed and in complete awe - to be so fully in my world yet so intertwined by the most colorful community! And that’s when I knew there’s no turning back. Secret Sunrise is more than just a community, it’s more than dance or expression, it’s a pathless path to the eternally wise child within!

Emma Bergh

I am an ALL TIME LOVER of MUSIC AND DANCE! For me, dancing, having fun and getting just a tad goofy is what is making our world go around! Secret Sunrise has allowed my bangs to bop, my body to hop and my booty to drop to a new extreme and I love it!

Eneo Hollenbach

I am the same, yet I am different. He is me I am him.

Grant “Captain Boogie” Ross

'Sharing the joy' means living this through everything you do to make this world a better place. I would encourage anybody from any age, creed or walk of life to try or become a part of Secret Sunrise. It really is a place where you remember how life should be and how beautiful it really is.

Ingrid Fiette

Dance has been an incredible "wake up call" for me, where i rediscovered by own body and the infinite moves and feelings awaiting to be expressed. Dance heals. Dance takes you in a journey that your mind doesn't control. It's about tuning in, surrendering to what comes in and letting it flow. Becoming a facilitator made me realize how powerful it is to have a community of conscious dancers and how much joy you get from helping others to find their own ways of expression.

Jillian Lambert

My tag line is Creating Authentic Joy and secret sunrise encapsulates that on all levels for me. I love creating spaces that are safe and filled with possibilities for everyone to express their authentic Joy in their own groovy scmoozy way.

Josh Ramsey

Josh jumped aboard the Secret Sunrise team early on, and has gone from leading sunrise sessions to training our new generation of instructors. With his vast experience as a group coach and facilitator, yogi and teacher, Josh brings calmness, peace and deep connection to the sessions that he leads.

Joshua Jay Duplessis

Joshua Jay du Plessis

Before joining the Secret Sunrise Family, Yoga, Surf and Music was my life mantra.

I live and breath creativity and i'm always finding ways to express it . After coming into contact with this movement i have adopted another facet to my life mantra, Dance. This has opened up another avenue for me to express and show the world my creative essence. After obtaining my Level 1 I learned that dance is a form of self expression and that to this day it allows me to loosen up and flow on a deeper level, spilling over onto my Surfing, Yoga practice and Musical productions.

Being fun, fit and friendly definitely helps when facilitating but my deep connection to spirit is what keeps my fire burning. With this my light can shine upon anyone who meets me, hope we get to meet soon to share our passion for dance! Lastly, I am grateful that Nikki hand picked me to join the team and i am excited to share my flow and creativity with you and the rest of the world.

Yoga, Surf, Music and Dance, that's me.

Julian Wenn aka “Jumping Jules”

There are two things that makes my life worth living and I mean really living. The first is music, as a performing artist I live and breathe it, the second is dancing. So it was a no brainer when asked to join this funky tribe of dancing warriors. My life has really shifted as a secret sunrise facilitator. Dance dance dance is what we really should all be doing !!! 

secret sunrise

Karen Christian

Secret Sunrise had me at the name, to be honest - I was not one for early mornings ;) but I do LOVE music & dancing, & being outdoors! So, to find such a SUPERB early morning ritual that gets you into nature & the elements, celebrating the sun, whilst listening to a beautiful variety of emotive music & moving your body…? Well, it was love at first dance!

Kerith Coulson

I dance because it's what I love. Secret Sunrise makes me a better person. It reminds me to smile, move, be compassionate, connect and have fun. I'm hooked!

secret sunrise

Lehandri Van Bosch

How do you explain magic, how do you describe the feeling of joy and light flowing through your body in a way people will believe and understand? Secret Sunrise to me is this powerful ball of light, love, curiosity and joy much like that sparkle in the eye of a child.  Secret Sunrise is the key to unlocking that child within that understands the joy of life, so come and lets have a ball of a time!

Maia Veitch

I love to prance and dance around, on any dance-floor to be found. Creativity, colours, shimmies, shapes and shakes - let's watch the magical flow each dance makes... Life is a dance, spirals are everything, movement is medicine and playing, grooving, moving, shifting, lifting is something we should be doing every day!

Melanie “Ultra-Mel” Motto-Ros

I could dance before I could walk (in nappies propped up between mattresses and jamming to my parents' records) so it is no surprise that I was drawn to SS. After my first Secret Sunrise I knew I had found something really special. It resonated with me on such a deep level. I loved the connection - to breath, to body, to self, to nature and to others!

Nasif Sydow

I joined the Secret Sunrise family in 2019. I had left a Secret Sunrise dance feeling SO infused with an aliveness and energy that I immediately wanted to help spread it to others by becoming a facilitator. The Secret Sunrise movement encourages just that and allows me the space to not only explore it within myself but also with others.

Ruben Hazelzet

Behavioural economist by day, Secret Sunrise instructor by dawn, Ruben knows how to ignite our imagination: he’s a storytelling genius who weaves visual meditation journeys. If you’ve been to one of his sessions before you might know that he’s an excellent pianist, too! In addition to his many talents, we love his Dutch accent, creativity and infectious enthusiasm.

Sadia Chand

Beautiful, meaningful connection. A warm and heart filled boogie with a stranger. A fun and zaney escape. The sharing of open smiles and salty tears. Exercise without pain. Feeling sexy and alive.  Spreading the love.  Bursting with energy. Just so yummy in every way! Would I get out of bed this early for anything else…definitely not!

Sandy Willmann

Being part of this tribe of beautiful sparkling humans makes my heart dance and I’m grateful and blessed to encourage more peeps for this healing experience of dancing.

Sarah Kennen

'Sharing the joy' means being the positive change you want to see in the world and using whatever happy or positive energy you have inside to help others remember theirs. My experience as an instructor has been a journey of learning how to awaken the energy in others that I feel when I listen to certain music and let peoples minds and bodies free using as few words as possible. 

Siyasanga Nokama

Sassy, Mysterious - Siyasanga!

Based in the mother city - I call home, the beautiful Zonnebloem area resting at the bosom of the 7th world wonder we call Table Mountain. Blessed with a mystic voice that permeates the body and saturate souls.

Soretha Winder

I'm Soretha, also known as Airy Fairy Light Foot!

Tahlia Rubin

I am Tahlia Joy, a child of the cosmos and a resident of EveryWhere. I love JOY, PLAY, FUN and CONNECTION. Secret Sunrise is integral in my 2020 intentions: expansion of self-expression through lovingly, living my truth.

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