Here's a video that encapsulates what you can expect during the retreat:



We're so excited to connect as a Secret Sunrise Family in South Africa this winter. We cannot wait to reconnect - or if you are new - we cannot wait to welcome you into the family. 



Through learning to facilitate Secret Sunrise you will build confidence to facilitate authentically, whether it’s secret sunrise dances, workshops, meetings, coaching or any other sessions you find yourself facilitating. 



You might have small or big fears that prevent you from stepping into your authentic self, and fully embodying your power. During this retreat you will look these fears in the eye, and learn the techniques to tackle them so that you step into your light.



You’ll be equipped to facilitate the joyous Secret Sunrise Journey for in-person dances and make money doing so. If you're already a facilitator there's an opportunity to further develop your skills and unleash deeper layers of authentic facilitation. 



As a facilitator you become part of a JOY Family, connected across the globe -  a super rad community of fun-loving, joy sharing, dancing humans! If you've taken a break for a while, we cannot wait to welcome you with open arms. 

Retreat Venue: Gecko Creek, Cederberg

The retreat will be held at Gecko Creek, a pristine retreat venue in the Cederberg region. You can expect beautiful walks and swimming, in between soul-connecting dance sessions. Gecko Creek Lodge is a self catering Cederberg Accommodation camp on a 517 hectare private nature reserve that borders the 80,000 hectare Cederberg Reserve. Offering comfortable twin / double cabins and tents overlooking the valley, a cool Lapa for gathering and cooking as well as a fire warmed open air Boma, salt water swimming pool and stunning setting make this the ideal hub from which to explore the Cederberg. .

Accommodation & What is Included

There’s limited solo cabins, shared cabins, and tented camping options and ample opportunity to camp (bringing your own equipment).

The retreat cost includes:

3 nights accommodation

3 vegetarian meals per day

Tea & coffee

Access to beautiful grounds - swimming, walking

Training & Accreditation


“Secret Sunrise has helped me learn to be courageous, daring and to trust myself. As a professional facilitator (for my day job) I have learned incredible skills in how to meet people where they are and take them on a journey... I have also found that my coaching has improved because of this deep trust in both myself and the other person to have the experience they need, not what I need. Secret Sunrise has been one of my best training and skill-building in which I have participated in support of my work, career and most importantly my approach to life.”


- Brett Simpson,
Cape Town-Based Facilitator

“Experiencing Secret Sunrise has awaked an inner-fire, an inner energy. A fire, energy, drive that I had as a child but somehow lost as life got in the way. A fire that somehow was still on, and I knew somewhere deep down that it was still there... but never knew how to reignite it. And then came Secret Sunrise 4 years ago and blew my mind and body away.”


- Justin Van Loon,
Amsterdam-Based Facilitator

“Secret Sunrise has given me the purest sense of belonging which comes from the kindness, warmth, and encouragement of all the facilitators. There are no words to fully describe the feeling of being a facilitator. I am given the opportunity to explore my creative side when I’m choosing songs and finding fun and meaningful ways to touch the hearts and lives of participants. Just do yourself the biggest favour, and open the door to this beautiful Secret Sunrise world.”


- Sadia Chand,
Cape Town-Based Facilitator

We Will Be Offering:


Level 1 training


Level 2 training

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dance other than mindful movement to music? Secret Sunrise is about Movement, Music and Connection, in your own authentic way. It doesn’t matter what that looks like! 

Secret Sunrise welcomes absolutely EVERYONE, from all backgrounds, cultures, beliefs. We are a community of individuals who lead from the heart. We’ve had many retreat attendees in the past voice their fears of attending, and we understand that uncertainty can be daunting. But we can assure you: the heart-to-heart connection you will experience at this retreat will be unlike any other.

Book Your Space

Level 1

SOLO CABIN: $700 (R10,850)

SHARED CABIN: $680 (R10,540)

TENTED CAMPING: $670 (R10,385)

BYO CAMPING: $550 (R8,525)

Level 2

SOLO CABIN: $800 (R12,400)

SHARED CABIN: $780 (R12,090)

TENTED CAMPING: $770 (R11,935)

BYO CAMPING: $650 (R10,075)

Registration Form

Are you excited and nervous and not yet ready to register now? Send us an email or give us a call: / +27 82 409 8212